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Christmas Gift Ideas for CrossFit Lovers and Athletes


Are you on the look out for the best gifts of 2018 for the CrossFit lover or athlete in your life? We’ve got you covered! Below are some of the best, most highly-rated CrossFit gifts for 2018 in every price range.

Whether you’re looking for stocking stuffers, gift ideas to put under the tree, a big blow-em-out-of-the-water Christmas present, or a little somthin-somthin gift for your swolemate or workout buddy, you’re sure to find something in the list below!


Best 2018 Gift Ideas for CrossFit Lovers & Athletes

1 – Bear KompleX Hand Grips

There’s a reason these babies have been dubbed the best hand grips on the planet! The best-selling handgrips on Amazon and 1,100+ happy customer reviews can’t be wrong. If your CrossFit lover doesn’t have grips they love, pop a pair of these under the tree. Some of the best athletes on the planet use these things to make pull-ups, muscle ups, T2B and a hundred other lifts easier and less painful.

2 – Plyo Box

Whether or not your loved one has a home gym, a plyo box is quick to assemble, easy to store, and makes for an easy and challenging at-home WOD! This is the perfect gift for athletic guys who appreciate a good box jump, box squat, or other jump training and conditioning WODs!

3 – WOD Relief Muscle Rub

If your loved one already goes hard enough at the gym, give them some post-workout relief with the gift of WOD Relief Muscle Rub. This rub is used by top competitive athletes, massage therapists, and physical therapists. Use it during competition to keep muscles limber and comfortable, or after a hard workout to soothe tired muscles. If your CrossFit lover or athletic guy or gal hasn’t tried this yet,  give it a go! It’s the product of choice for the 2018 Products You Need in your Gym Bag.

***FREE STOCKING STUFFER IDEA***: WOD Relief offers free samples on their website! For 3 free samples, go to:

4 – Massage Ball Set

Boost flexibility and enhance range of motion with this massage ball set by Gillsun Fitness. Your CrossFit-loving or athletic guy or gal will love being able to dig into sore muscles. Used properly, these balls can help increase circulation in sore and tight muscles, release myofascial, and act as trigger point therapy. We recommend using it with WOD Relief Muscle Rub–it feels freakin amazing!

5 – Goat Tape

Perfect for writs, thumb, and finger taping (so you don’t have to see any more gross pictures of callus rips on Instagram ever again). Stick a roll of this stuff in the Christmas stocking and you’ll be on the nice list for sure!

6 – Pull-Up Assist and Powerlifting Stretch Bands

These bands are seen as a sent-from-heaven gift to people new to CrossFit since it helps make pull-ups and a heck of a lot easier. They are also great for different exercises, strength-conditioning, coordination and balance, P90X and more.

7 – Funny Sweat Progress Marker Workout Shirt

If your guy likes to earn his sweat during workouts, he’ll get a kick out of this funny Christmas gift. Which progress line will your guy hit? Oh, and if your CrossFit box is doing a white elephant fit exchange then THIS is the perfect gift to bring! It’ll be a hit for sure.

8 – Protein Drinks & BCAAs

We athletes and CrossFit-lovers are madly addicted to our drinks and shakes. A big tub of the good stuff wrapped as a gift under the tree will make you a star in your athlete’s eyes. If your loved one is just starting out and doesn’t have a favorite powder yet, we recommend FNX. This stuff is used by some of our favorite CrossFit athletes, like 2018 Fittest Teen on Earth, Dallin Pepper.

9 – SandBar HandCare

Let’s be honest, this gift is as much for you as for your loved one. Get your athlete to (finally) soften up those tough calluses and hands with SandBar HandCare. Their calluses won’t rip anymore (and ripping calluses are gross), plus their hands won’t be so rough and scraggly anymore. Yay!

10 – Reebok CROSSFIT Nanos

CrossFit athletes are obsessed with their shoes–it’s just kind of one of our “things.” If your loved one has worn out shoes or hasn’t jumped on the Nano train yet, grab ’em a pair in their size and watch them glow. You’ll be a favorite for life!

11 – Funny Christmas Sweater

Have a habit of throwing in a gag gift or two for your loved one? An ugly CrossFit Christmas sweater might be just the ticket. Blizzard Bay offers a great selection on Amazon!

12 – RXBAR

Looking for a perfect (healthy) stocking stuffer for your CrossFit-loving guy or gal? Throw in some RXBARs! These protein bars use clean, simple ingredients combined in delicious flavors for a nutritious bar.

13 – Quick-Release Barbell Collar

Is your guy or girl a weight lifter or CrossFit athlete? Tuck a couple of these quick-release barbell collars into their stocking! These work for all 2″ / 50mm Oly bars and all lifts. There are 10 colors to choose from, and the quick-clamp-on, quick-release can’t be beat!

14 – Track Your WOD Journal

Help your guy or girl celebrate their CrossFit or HIIT Fitness gains with this Track Your WOD Journal. Track 210 WODs, 9 benchmarks. 25 Girls, 25 Hero WODs, and all your PRs.

15 – Unbroken Men’s or Women’s Shirt

Unbroken is the golden standard in CrossFit, meaning all of the reps of a set or round are performed in a row without stopping to take a break. It means overcoming that mental barrier where your mind says you’re too tired but you know your body can keep on pushing. Show your loved one you believe in them with this motivational (and good-looking) workout shirt!

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