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The Festivus Games is a day-long competition hosted at boxes all over the world. This day-long CrossFit competition includes 4 WODs (workouts of the day) that are completed at a participating box. All athletes compete in the first 3 WODs, which are listed on the Festivus website ahead of time. The 4thWOD is considered the “Finals” WOD which is for the top 5 teams in each division. This WOD isn’t announced ahead of time but is challenging while still being within the Festivus “rest of us” spirit.

To participate in the Festivus Games, athletes simply visit to find a host near them and to register. This gets you (and your partner) on the roster for the competition, and also puts you on the online leaderboard so you can see how you stack up against novice athletes from all over the world.

The Festivus Games, which were founded in 2011 with only 70 athletes, and has grown to over 20,000 athletes participating worldwide. It is an awesome competition for those of us CrossFit athletes who are “everyday athletes” as opposed to competitive athletes. It’s a great way for athletes to come together, test their strength, and to celebrate the progress they’ve made in the CrossFit sport.

What to Know About the April 2019 Festivus Games

The Festivus Games are only a couple of weeks away! Whether this is your first CrossFit competition or you’re a seasoned Festivus veteran, this article can help fill in some gaps about your upcoming competition.

1 – It’s a Team Event!

April’s Festivus Games are mixed pairs, which means they are one male plus one female. Whether your partner is a spouse, friend, parent, son or daughter, or a fellow gym-goer, you can participate!

If you’re competing with someone with a big age difference from you and are confused about whether to go for the Masters 45+ division, it depends on your cumulative age! Add your two ages together. If it’s above 90 then you can compete in the Masters 45+ division; otherwise you’ll compete in either Novice or Intermediate.

2 – Anyone Can Join

It doesn’t matter where you work out; any athlete can participate at ANY Festivus Games around the country. If your box isn’t hosting, find another box near you that is! If you’re a home athlete, you’re also welcome to compete! As long as you know the gist about performing the moves (safely), then you’re welcome to participate.

3 – You Can Sign Up as a Novice or Intermediate

There aren’t RXers or “Fire Breathers” at the Festivus games. Instead, your division is made up of your age and experience level. Novices are classified as those athletes who meet at least four of these guidelines:

  • Max unassisted unbroken pull-ups are fewer than 5 or 2 (5 for males, 2 for females)
  • Max deadlift is less than 300/255 (male/female)
  • Time for a mile run is over 10 minutes
  • 2000-meter row is over 8-9 minutes (male/female)
  • You don’t know your Fran time
  • You’ve been CrossFitting less than six months

Intermediate athletes have more experience than novice athletes, which makes their qualifications a little different. Festivus lists Intermediate qualifications as those who were not in the top 10% of this year’s CrossFit Open (or top 5% if you’re a Master’s athlete).

If you think you might be overqualified, check out the qualifications at the bottom of the Festivus Games divisions page.

4 – The WODs are Available Online Now!

What to Know About Festivus Games 2019If you haven’t taken a peek at the WODs yet, do! Make sure you know the movements forward and backward before you step foot on the competition floor—including knowing where you and your teammate will be while the other is completing the WOD. If you have any questions about any of the moves, now is the time to ask your CrossFit coach! Practice any unfamiliar movements several times leading up to the Festivus Games so you can feel comfortable and confident during Festivus.

Few the April 2019 Festivus Games WODs here:

5 – Don’t Do Anything Too Crazy Leading up to Festivus

If the Festivus Games this April are your first CrossFit competition, you might be freaking out a little bit—that’s totally normal! But now’s not the time to make huge changes to your routine. Instead of going crazy with supplements and getting in those last few killer workouts to try and beef up before the games, be smart about the lead-up. The worst thing that could happen is you could get injured or sick before Festivus.

Leading up to the Festivus CrossFit Games, just focus on having full nights of rest, not overdoing it at your regular workouts, and in keeping your muscles happy and limber—this means staying hydrated, warming up before workouts, stretching after workouts, and using a muscle rub 30-60 minutes before bed to stimulate blood flow that can help your muscles heal more effectively while you sleep.*

6 – Be Prepared – Read the Festivus Article on Preparing for the Games

Last fall, Festivus published an article with tips from some top competitive CrossFit athletes for their advice about preparing for and competing in the Festivus Games. While Festivus is a competition for the “rest of us,” it’s still a strenuous competition! A little extra preparation using some tips from the pros can mean the difference between a great experience that celebrates your feats of strength and growth, and a flop.

Here’s the article: has 12 tips from top athletes, and is definitely worth the read!

7 – Have a Plan to Prevent Stiff, Tight Muscles During Festivus

One thing many people don’t know about Festivus is that the WODs aren’t one after the other. Depending on the number of divisions and people competing in each division, you and your team may have an hour or two between WODs.

This means it’s easy for your muscles to start to tighten up before your subsequent events, which will decrease your performance and increase your risk of injury if you come prepared with a plan!

WOD Relief Muscle Rub Festivus Tips for CompetitingPrevent tight, stiff muscles during the Festivus Games with the following tips:

  • Rub WOD Relief Muscle Rub on within 10 minutes of completing each WOD. This helps to stimulate blood flow in the area to help prevent your body from going into shutdown mode.
  • Keep moving between events. Fight the temptation to sit and chill until the next event. This will constrict your muscles and slow blood flow. If you do sit, stand up and walk around, shake out your limbs, or stretch every 10-15 minutes to keep your blood pumping.
  • Stay hydrated! Replenish your fluids after every WOD, and sip water between events. We recommend 6-8 oz 15-20 minutes before your event and within 20-30 minutes after your event.
  • Warm up 5-10 minutes before your event. Jump rope or jump in place for 2 minutes, do some arm rotations, jumping jacks, leg swings, lunges, and some bodyweight squats.
  • Before warming up, rub some WOD Relief Muscle Rub on any tight, stiff, or tired muscles. The essential oils in the rub will help stimulate the muscles and will give them a nice tingling sensation that helps wake them up and start to warm the areas to make your warmup more effective.

8 – Have Fun!

Most of all, you should plan to have fun! If you’re not excited about partnering up with your teammate to take on the April 2019 Festivus Games, then you’re doing something wrong! This should be a fun, exciting experience to celebrate your fitness, show off your progress, and spend some time with other people in the CrossFit community.

For more information about the Festivus Games or to register, visit

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