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It’s that time of year again! The CrossFIt Open is an all-inclusive CrossFit competition for athletes to compete against each other, their friends, or themselves. This 5-workout, 5-week competition tests how well-rounded you’ve become as an athlete. Use it to compare to your scores last year to see how you’ve improved, and celebrateyour strength and progress!

Whether you’re participating in the CrossFit open to quality for the Games or are just looking to push yourself and see how you’ve improved, we recommend going in and giving it your all! You don’t want to leave the floor wondering how well you could have done if you reallytried—you want to get out there and know you gave it all you freakin could so you can see the results from your hours of training!

9 Tips for Doing Your BEST at the CrossFit Open

Get in there, get into gear, and CRUSH at the 2019 CrossFit Open with the following tips.

1 – Hydrate Ahead of Time

Even mild dehydration—such as levels of dehydration you have when you first wake up after a night of sleep—can cause over a 25% decrease in performance! Hydrate BEFORE your CrossFit Open as well as during and after.

For optimal hydration, you should drink:

  • 15-20 oz 2-3 hours before the event
  • 8-10 oz 15-20 minutes before the event
  • 8 oz every 15 min during workout
  • Replenish any water weight lost within 2 hours of the workout

2 – Don’t Try New Foods

It can be tempting to try new foods, BCAAs, energy gels, or other new foods before a work out to try and amp up your performance. The downside is that if you’re not used to these foods, you may have an…ahem…digestional reaction…to the new goods. You wouldn’t want to end up bloated, gassy, constipated—or worse—during your workout! Instead, try new foods a month or two in advance of a competition so you have time to gauge reaction and get used to it first.

3 – Don’t Bank on the Redo

One of the benefits and detriments of the CrossFit is that they do allow redos before you submit your score. However, sometimes having this crutch can prevent you from giving your best the first time. Don’t go into the workout knowing you can make it up if you don’t do well enough. Instead, go into the workout with the intention to make this score count and give it your best!

4 – Energize Your Muscles

If you’re like most “regular” athletes, you’ll probably find yourself sorer and stiffer during the CrossFit open than during regular workout weeks. This is because while competitive athletes train for competition—that is, they complete every workout with the same vigor they intend to have during competition—regular athletes usually don’t train with quite the same mindset.

You’ll probably be giving it your all during the CrossFit Open, which may mean a little more strain, higher reps, and working harder than you have the previous months!

To warm up your muscles, loosen tightness, and help alleviate soreness, try a heating andcooling muscle cream. Most over-the-counter stuff has primarily cooling properties (think Deep Blue, Icy Hot, or BioFreeze), which doesn’t do very well with warming up or loosening muscles right away, making them a bad choice before a workout. INSTEAD, use a product that has intentional intense heating as well as cooling.

WOD Relief Muscle Rub was created specifically to bring cooling AND heat to muscles to better amp up blood flow to the muscles, which can help to loosen them up as well as providing benefits that are known to improve recovery. There are also essential oils in WOD Relief that bring a tingling, energizing sensation to your muscles which wake them up and get them ready to CRUSH during the CrossFit Open!

WOD Relief is available on our site with fast shipping. You can also buy it through Amazon Prime! Either way, you’ll get it in just a few days in plenty of time for your next event!

5 – Get Enough Sleep

Sleep is important not only to keep you alert and energized, but also help decrease your risk of injury, improve recovery, and keep you feeling pumped!

Sleep plays a big role in motor function, motivation, focus, muscle recovery, muscle glycogen, glucose metabolism, and more. Make sure you get enough zzz’s during the Open! These hours of sleep are most beneficial when they’re contiguous—so a full-night’s sleep is more effective physically than a partial night’s sleep and a nap.

6 – Make a Leaderboard

Creating a leaderboard on with your friends can help you stay accountable and give it your all during the open. It also helps you and your friends celebrate each other’s victories, which can mean even more mental muscle for the upcoming events.

If you don’t have a CrossFit community, take advantage of the new hashtag wizard to compete against people like you! Look for hashtags such as #mom, #dad, #newbie, #firefighter etc.

7 – Have a Partner Who Pushes You

There are two kinds of swolemates—the ones who kick your butt and inspire you to go out and give it your all, and the ones who help you justify “taking it easy.” During competition, it’s more important than ever to have a good partner, even if you’re doing individual workouts! Having someone there to keep you accountable, call out motivation if you start to slow down, to cheer you on, and to inspire you to give it your all can be a game-changer during the CrossFit Open.

8 – Don’t Try to PR

This one seems counterintuitive but hear us out. Going out for the PR can mean using weights that are too heavy to sustain, pushing too hard too fast during an endurance challenge, or injuring yourself. Instead, trust your training. Go in with a plan to do the best you’ve done, then hit the floor with the knowledge that everything you’ve been doing has been leading up to this. Focus on form, breathing, and consistency, and let your training take over. This mindset will almost always yield better results than a PR-minsdet will.

9 – Have Fun

Okay, okay, we know it’s cliché, but it’s important to have fun and enjoy why you’re participating in the CrossFit Open. This isn’t an excuse to goof off, but it’s a chance to cheer on your friends, whoop and holler, celebrate your wins, and remember why you love that moment of silence when you’re half-dead on the floor after a particularly challenging WOD!

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