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Regardless of the sport, most athletes want to accelerate and maximize their post-workout recovery so they can get back on the floor—or track, mat, field, any other workout arena—more quickly.

As HIIT athletes, we are accustomed to being sore—and being sore a lot. We know that muscle soreness (or Delayed Onset Muscle Soreness, aka DOMS), is caused by pushing your body to do something it hasn’t really done before, which is basically the premise of HIIT.

We didn’t like the idea of using rubs that contained artificial analgesics or other medications to help alleviate soreness after a workout. Instead, we wanted something that we and our fellow athletes could apply regularly without pumping our bodies full of artificial ingredients. However, we also found that any of the current all-natural muscle rubs on the market just weren’t athlete-strength. They were too weak, wore off too quickly, were greasy, or had an unpleasant toothpaste-y smell (or all the above).

When we started conceptualizing WOD Relief, we envisioned a joint and muscle rub that could safely become a part of an athlete’s pre- and post-workout routine.

Essential oils have been used for thousands of years and for a variety of uses. We knew we wanted to tap into some of their powerful benefits to fuel our extra-strength joint and muscle balm.

It took months and months of iterations to find the perfect combination, but when we did we fell immediately in love.

In WOD Relief you will find the following essential oils:

White Camphor and Cornmint

These essential oils provides a cooling sensation which can help increase blood flow to the applied area. If you have sore muscles after a workout, chances are it’s due to micro-injuries to the muscle fibers that cause delayed onset muscle soreness (DOMS). Increased blood flow can help bring fresh oxygen and nutrients to these areas, helping better fuel your recovery.


It’s hard to do cayenne essential oils right, especially in a topical cream, but we knew the intense warming effects would be essential in the blood flow and relaxation we wanted in our product. We wanted something packed with extra-strength heating and cooling, and this essential oil takes care of those heating sensations all on its own.

Clove Bud

The recovery aspects of our post-workout muscle balm were important to us, but we also wanted our athletes to feel some immediate relief for their sore or tired muscles. Clove bud was one of those essential oils of choice since it offers a slight numbing sensation and has been shown to relax muscles.

Want to explore more of our oils? Take a look at our graphic below.

Essential Oils in WOD Relief

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