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Are you a gym owner or athletic product store owner? Or are you a fervent user of WOD Relief?

This box includes 12 tubes of WOD Relief at wholesale pricing of only $22/tube. Each tube resales for $29.99 – $34.99/bottle. The box includes a display box, which makes it perfect for a gym or store.

This product also includes free shipping to the U.S.

WOD Relief is an essential-oil-packed muscle and joint rub with intense heating and cooling. WOD Relief contains 8X more essential oils by volume than major competitors (including the blue stuff). We encourage you to try other products side-by-side. We know you’ll be impressed!

WOD Relief works great as a post-workout muscle rub to soothe overworked and tired muscles, or before a workout to help warm up and loosen muscles.

WOD Relief is a great product for new athletes to help alleviate soreness caused by the first few weeks of a new workout–and once the athlete tries the rub, they’ll be hooked!



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