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Ultimate Gift Guide for CrossFit & Fitness Lovers

18 Athletic Gift Ideas for Men and Women

Christmas is just around the corner which means it’s time to stock up on gifts for your loved one’s! If you’re like us and have a CrossFit or fitness lover on your holiday list, then you’re probably on the lookout for great CrossFit and athletic gift ideas!

Here are 18 of the best Christmas gift ideas for CrossFit and Fitness Lovers:

1 – Shake Bottle

A CrossFit athlete can never have too many shake bottles. These bottles disappear, lose their whisking balls, and have likely been left on the car roof after the gym more than once. Adding a shake bottle in your loved one’s Christmas list will give them an extra stock for the next time their bottle goes missing.

2 – WODFitters Mobility Lacrosse Balls

A must for any athlete’s gym bag, these WODFitter massage balls are perfect for working out the pain in shoulders, necks, knees, backs, glutes, or anywhere else suffering post-WOD.

3 – Athletic Tape

CrossFit or other athletes usually use athletic tape to treat injuries, which makes it a perfect Christmas gift idea! Find a spunky, quirky tape that fits your loved athletic loved one’s personality and they’ll think of you every time they tape up.

4 – SandBar

If your CrossFit enthusiast isn’t already using SandBar to remove calluses, then they are about to love you FOR LIFE. The SandBar system delivers the most effective and convenient callus removal ever offered, helps you rip less frequently and less severely, is more effective than pumice stones or files, safer than razors or scissors, and more durable than other products on the market. Get this as a Christmas gift for your athletic loved one and you’ll be the insta-favorite.

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5 – Speed Rope

Help your CrossFit-lover practice those pesky double-unders with by giving them a speed rope as a stocking stuffer or Christmas gift. We like this one-of-a-kind FitSkwad jump rope. This speed rope is fitted with a ball-bearing system and 6-inch, extra-long handles. The design of this speed rope will help your holiday honey keep a high momentum and reach extreme speeds up to 320 jumps per minute.

Gift Ideas for CrossFitters

6 – Wrist Wraps

Your loved one may already have wrist wraps that he or she loves. But if they’re still on the lookout, we’d recommend these wrist wraps by WOD Wear for a CrossFit or weight-lifting-themed Christmas present. These wraps help athletes lift more weight while protecting wrist cartilage from overuse injuries. People love them because they are low-profile while still providing great support (plus they look super cool).

WOD Relief

WOD Relief is making waves in the weight-lifting and cross-training world as a must-have in serious athlete’s pre- and post-workout routine. If your loved one hasn’t tried WOD Relief yet, then this will be their favorite item in their stocking this year. Steeped in heating and cooling essential oils, this deep, penetrating muscle rub sooths and helps repair muscles after they’ve taken a beating. WOD Relief athletes use it before a workout to loosen and warm up muscles, then immediately after a workout to jumpstart the healing process. Once this bottle gets pulled out of the Christmas stocking, it’ll earn a permanent spot in your loved one’s gym bag.

Liquid Chalk

For a weight-lifting athlete, chalk is a must to prevent slippage during your workout, but traditional chalk blocks can be messy (and get slimy after a lot of sweating). Add this liquid chalk grip to your athlete’s stocking, and they’ll think of you every time their hands don’t slip on their deadlifts.

Quick Release Locking Barbell Clamp Collar

Barbell clamps are part of the daily routine of a cross training athlete. These simple-to-use quick-release barbell clamps make the post-workout cleanup process easier, plus they’re cute!

Moisture-Wicking Headband

Fitness, fashion, and function all in one, these moisture-wicking headbands keep hair and sweat at bay.

Athletic Book

Whether your cross-training loved one is a beginner or have been training for years, this book will help them improve faster in the key workouts and movements. It provides all the tools they need to outperform their peers, both in the Workout of the Day (WOD) and in the next Open.

WOD Shorts

If your stocking is being stuffed for the athlete girl of your dreams, make sure to add a pair of WOD shorts. These shorts are so comfortable, are moisture-wicking, and come in a ton of different colors. Long enough not to ride up, and comfy to boot(y), your stocking will be an A+ with this addition.

Fitness iPhone Case

Born to be Fit! This iPhone cases heralds the cross-training lifestyle with slick artwork and a tempered glass screen protector. This iPhone cover is motivational and shows off your loved one’s personality.

“Love to Lift” Necklace

Live, love, lift, is basically the mantra of any athletic gal. Keep them motivated and help them show off their passion with this cute hand-stamped necklace.

Oh My WOD Tank

This cute Oh My WOD workout tank top is a must-have for your loved one’s next fitness sesh with the ladies.

Counting Beads

If you’re a DIY-er or like to put something personalized in a Christmas stocking, take a few minutes out of your day to add in this custom round counter. Each time they complete a round they’ll slide a bead to the other side and mentally thank you for helping them keep track of which set they’re on.

HIIT Christmas Sweater

Maybe this won’t exactly fit in a stocking, but *please* buy it for your cross-training man. Because, c’mon. It’s just awesome.

Do you have any other ideas for an athletic-themed stocking? Let us know in the comments below!

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