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When to Use WOD Relief Muscle Rub

9 Times to Use WOD Relief Muscle Rub to Maximize Impact
WOD Relief Muscle & Joint Rub was originally designed to help take the pain out of post-workout soreness, but once the owners started working on the final product they realized it could be used for so much more.

WOD Relief is not only a great post-workout muscle cream; athletes also love to use it pre-workout. Below is a list of our favorite times to use WOD Relief Muscle Rub.

1. To Warm-Up Muscles Before a Workout

It’s important to warm your muscles up before weight lifting. Warming up can help prevent tears and strains. WOD Relief muscle cream has intense heating and cooling that can help stimulate circulation in the muscles, bringing blood to the areas and helping to warm them up.

2. Before a Workout to Energize Tired Muscles

Several of the essential oils in WOD Relief are made to stimulate muscles, wake them up, and help them feel better during a workout. If used on tired muscles, it can help put the “oomph” back in your workout when your muscles are still feeling sore from your previous workouts.

3. During a Workout to Increase Endurance

Have you ever heard the 40% Navy Seal rule for mental toughness? It basically states that when you think you’ve given your all, you’ve actually only given 40%. It’s usually just your mind telling you you’re done. WOD Relief’s proprietary essential oil blend actually has a few different oils (including cayenne and cinnamon) that act as a pain block and “trick” your mind into going farther and harder than it otherwise would. This can help increase your endurance.

4. As a “Reward” to Create Workout Habits

If you’re new to working out or just want to make working out more of a habit, the heating and cooling stimulation from WOD Relief can help! If you’ve ever read Charles Duhigg’s book The Power of Habit, you know all about the habit loop. This loop is basically: cue, routine, and reward. This pattern most quickly and effectively forms a new habit. The cue with working out can usually be something simple, like going to the gym or your box at the same time every day. The routine is the workout itself. The reward, however, is a little more difficult. The reward is most effective when it’s a physical stimulation, like WOD Relief, that your body begins to crave! If your body becomes accustomed to the tingling and relaxing heating/cooling sensation post-workout, you’ll find yourself craving it and feeling like “something’s missing” when you accidentally miss a workout.

Learn more about the essential oils used in WOD Relief in the video below.

Dr. Cole Wooley Explains the Science Behind WOD Relief Muscle Rub

5. Post-Workout to Amp up Recovery

This was one of the main reasons WOD Relief was created—to ease soreness and promote recovery after a hard workout. WOD Relief was created by athletes who were passionate about HIIT fitness and weightlifting. Anyone in these spaces knows that you’re more likely to be sore with traditional workouts because of the constantly varied workouts, and need more recovery to strengthen and build muscles that have been worked. WOD Relief can help stimulate blood flow and enhance circulation to help bring nutrients to muscles to help with rebuilding.

6. Before, During, and After a Competition

Several WOD Relief athletes, including Fittest Teen in the World, Dallin Pepper, swear by using WOD Relief before, during, and after a competition. Dallin became a WOD Relief ambassador after he used the product at the CrossFit Games in 2017. During the Games, he used WOD Relief pre- and post-event. He said he was amazed by how much less sore he was than his competitors and less sore than he thought he should be after such difficult events.

Another WOD Relief athlete who participated in the 204-mile Ragnar Relay was suffering from runner’s knee pre-competition but used WOD Relief before and after each of her relay legs. She said it was a miracle in helping keep the inflammation down so she could actually beat her pace for each leg—including the final 9-mile uphill.

We can’t guarantee WOD Relief will make you win your competition, but we do believe it can be a game-changer when added to your competition routine!

7. To Soothe Muscle Cramping

If you have muscle cramping from overworked or tired muscles (or a certain time of the month), then WOD Relief could help. One of the essential oils in WOD Relief is known for relaxing muscle spasms and cramps and reducing muscle inflammation. WOD Relief can also stimulate circulation, which can help bring nutrients to the affected area and potentially help jumpstart recovery and relief.

8. As a Massage Lotion

If you have tough knots in your back or shoulders, give WOD Relief Muscle Rub a try during your next massage. We’ve touted the benefits of the circulative properties of WOD Relief’s essential oils; this can help relax your muscles during a massage as well! The heating and cooling can help increase circulation while also helping to relax muscles and joints.

9. For Arthritis or Other Bone/Joint Pain

Although this isn’t what WOD Relief was originally intended for, we’ve had several clients who swear by WOD Relief to ease joint pain from arthritis or other bone and joint-related conditions.

Here’s one review left on our Facebook page that particularly stands out!

“Love this stuff! I have daughters that grow bone tumors on their bones. These cause a lot of pain. We try so hard to take painkillers as a last resort so we have turned to essential oils. Nothing has worked as well for them as WOD has! I find relief for the pain in my neck that happens after a long workday. So grateful for this product:)”

When do you use WOD Relief?

We’d love to hear your success stories. We’re surprised every day by the uses beyond muscle relief that people have found for WOD Relief! For instance, did you know WOD Relief can work wonders on abdominal cramping? Or that it can help some people ease mild congestion? Let us know what works best for you so we can share!

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